Brain Invaders (general)

Thomas, Chuck and Vincent visit Pizza Karma for some tasty 'za.

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Physical Media, brick and mortar, and Summer Convention Plans!

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Thomas, Chuck and Vincent visit the Maplewood Mall.

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KayBee Toys, Toy Popularity, Physical Media, Blu-Ray, and why streaming services suck...

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Chuck and Larry get after it with an episode of their very own!

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The one where they go to a dead mall.

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The boys discuss their new feelings with all things physical media.

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Chuck and Vincent chillout.

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The boys are back... discussing interesting and creative garage sale / flea market strategies.

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The boys discuss old school wrestling and get distracted by old video games down the road!

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This episode could have been called Godfathers and Dead Media.

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The invaders reminisce, mess with Chat GPT, and apologize for nothing!

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The one where the invaders lament their retro woes.

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Here it is...the BEST of 2022!

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Strap in!  The boys are continuing the tradition of discussing their favorite and least favorite films from the year.  Part One... The Worst!

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The one with Chuck and Vincent.

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The Invaders planned to discuss Halloween Ends, but instantly get derailed by EP Mike Hanks, AR, VR, PC Gaming, and Chuck's impending Steam Deck! 

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This week the Invaders discuss Augmented Reality, the future of gaming, the converging of everything, and the shady dealings of Goodwill.

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The one where our heroes introduce the newest member of the Brain Invaders Rogue's Gallery!

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Our Heroes are joined by some foolish carpenter to discuss Clerks, Kevin Smith, and the Viewaskew Universe.

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Chuck and Vincent jam out and nerd out!

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Among other things, the invaders discuss the wrap up to season 4 of Stranger Things.

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The fellas are joined by their executive producer while he audits their performance. A little bit of history, a little bit of video games, some Kevin Smith bits, and Minnesota movie production!

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What a great episode!  The fellas get a nice little retro conversation going and talk toys and 90s TV!

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Thomas and Chuck spent hours playing classic arcade games one night, and can't wait to tell you all about it!

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The Invaders saw THE BATMAN (2022) and immediately head to the studio to share their vastly differing opinions.

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The Invaders are back at it with an entire Rogues Gallery of villains.

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Part Deaux....
Thomas and the Chuckster pick the best and the worst flicks from 2021.

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Thomas and the Chuckster pick the best and the worst flicks from 2021.

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The invasion continues!  The invaders hunt through the ridiculous world of eBay.

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The invasion continues!  The invaders hunt through the ridiculous world of eBay.

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The Brain Invaders celebrate their 200th episode!

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Thomas and Chuck probe into the Squid Game

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The boys hit the road in search of trash and treasure!  They even mic up before heading inside some dark dank dungeons.

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The invaders kick it on a Friday night.

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We now return you to your regular invading.

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The invaders start to get some ideas...

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Thomas and Executive Producer Mike Hanks play video blackjack at the South Point casino and give a rundown of their time in Las Vegas!

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The Jersey Studios Studio is open for business!  We welcome back a full table!

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The boys are at it again and they are hitting the road tearing into other people's garbage!

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Thomas has an unproductive day but musters the strength to tell Chuck all about Ice Road Truckers and today's youth.  Chuck and his producer rouse Thomas with the upcoming Garage Sales!

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This weeks invasion includes movie piracy, Laser Disc rentals, and VHS rental memories!

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This week our heroes discuss Dead PCs, Thomas' Nintendo Switch problems, and a new villain in the Brain Invaders rogues gallery. 

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What do Cosplay, Crossovers, Dallas, Walking Dead, Back to the Future and LaserDiscs all have in common!?  They are all present on this weeks edition of BRAIN INVADERS! 

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Thomas and Chuck break down their game collections.

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Invading with a couple special guests, Thomas and Chuck's old age is reaffirmed, and some general nonsense is discussed.

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The gang rants about LAN parties, Nic Cage, and the new Are You Afraid of the Dark.

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Once again the invaders are joined by their favorite Executive Producer!  The crew finally gets to talk about the Mandolorian!

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Invading once again with special guest Executive Producer Mike Hanks! 

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This week Chuck reveals his new Arcade console and convinces Thomas to open his wallet.

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Vincent cuts Thomas deep with his 2020 meme knowledge, Thomas tries to recover with some latest Laser Disc purchases and then surprises Chuck with his deep analysis on Lost Boys!

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This week is packed with 80s and 90s flicks, laser disc purchases, and the Halloween Movie wrap-up!

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This week Thomas tells the story where a damsel in distress gets "saved" by a white knight.  Or so they thought.

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This week we level out and discuss Arcade 1Up sales and strategies, video game modding, and our lists of HALLOWEEN MOVIES!

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The one where the boys go to South Fork Ranch and review season one of Dallas!

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The one where Thomas forgot to do his homework and instead the boys ramble and giggle!  

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This week our heros delve into their thoughts on Bill and Ted as well as several other topics of great interest.

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The one where the Brain Invaders reach out and touch someone...with a phone.

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This week we are chock full of nerdom!  We've got Scooby Doo comics, arcade assembly, and Pokemon ROM hacks!

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The invaders dig into some new studio plans, Thundercats Reboots, game streaming, and Canadian Melodramas.

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Another remarkable remote pod with Chuck and Thomas!

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Invading your brain LIVE!  Picking apart Thomas' payphone setup, past-Chuck's gameroom, and a new game "WOULD YOU RATHER?"

Check out the complete livestream and stick around for the second half for TRAILER PARK over at

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This week the invaders get real with over populated streaming media game, how great Pluto is, the world of VR, and some movie streaming plans!

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Invading in the late evening!

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The invaders do so from home once again.

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The invaders bring a special guest into the conversation and share memories of the summertime events that are likely to be cancelled in 2020.

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The invaders are still invading!  Talking about gaming, arcade cabinets, bingeing, pandemics, and all the misc you can handle!

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In this week's double-wide episode, Chuck and Thomas head out on a little thrift adventure and run into an old rival.

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This week it is all about documentaries, movies, and Thomas' harrowing adventure in the Austin flea market scene!

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The one where the boys discuss future plans and room party madness!

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This week we do some serious invading!  Movies, TV, Convergence, all the good stuff and of course we are joined by our good friend Executive Producer MIKE HANKS!

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Thomas and Chuck are on the road again!  This week's mobile episode takes our heroes out to Micro Center and a few other locations!

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The invaders are back with fresh faces and fresh ideas.  They are joined by none other than the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER!

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The invaders talk about The Mandalorian, and Thomas eats his hat.

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This time the invaders share some Halloween stories and memories, their love/hate relationship with Star Wars, and movie therapy in general.

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The invaders swap some stories around their latest video game trades!

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The Brain Invaders are tooling around the MN Metro for some lunch, some thrifts, and some brews.  Discussing Raspberry Pi, Arby's Meat, and A Nightmare on Elm Street!

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This week we've got game collecting updates, reselling Steam games, and the Nintendo Switch!

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This week the invaders lament on game collecting, emulation, and the Switch Lite!

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Alright, the Brain Invaders are reloaded and invading some nostalgia!  Movies, TechTV, G4, and all kinds of fun!

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The invaders are back!


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For episode 150 the Invaders review the 1994 smash hit... STREET FIGHTER!

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The invaders put down the beer and pick up their SNES controllers (and beers).  Street Fighter, Super Mario, and Star Fox!


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Thomas and Chuck continue their invasion into your brain!  This week they ramble about getting old, playing World of Warcraft, and all plenty more good stuff!

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This week Chuck and Vincent dig into a little bit of crazy!

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The Brain Invaders cruise up the road to Up-Down Minneapolis!

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The Brain Invaders invade CONvergence 2018!  After the guys close up the Quick Stop party room they take off into the night with their Executive Producer to talk with some of the other CON goers!

Thar be intoxication this episode.

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The Invaders have a beer and a snack while discussing the latest CONvergence 2018 woes.  To make it even better, they are at the scene of the crime!

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Thomas and Chuck invade the streets once more and discuss their ideas for Thomas' potential home arcade.

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The invaders are joined by Josh "A Perfect Game" to discuss feelings on movie letdowns, hosting morning radio, garage sale finds, party room updates, and all kinds more!

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The one where Executive Producer Mike Hanks invades the Brain Cave with Chuck and Thomas!

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Invading La Fonda de Los Lobos in Eagan Minnesota!

This week it is all about Margaritas, YouTube rabbit holes, SuperHotVR, Garage Sales, celebs at cons, and so much more!

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The invaders discuss infomercials, paying for concerts, record store day, and of course...laser discs!

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This week the invaders discuss lost episodes, Toby Kieth's I <3 This Bar and Grill, Party Room updates, Facebook privacy junk, movie updates, and more!

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Chuck and Vincent discuss the new portable recording rig, upcoming streaming events, and some spicy memes!  As always, hilarity ensues!


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Thomas and Chuck invade their thirties and get introspective.  Discuss new build-out plans for the studio, and if Thomas could ever work retail again.

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Chuck and Thomas hop back in the Brain Tank and hit the streets in search of treasures beyond their wildest dreams!

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Disc Land shuts down, the hosts score more Vinyl and laser discs elsewhere, new Netflix shows, Brain Invaders updates and other happenings at Jersey Studios!

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Chuck and special guest Vincent dissect some of their recently consumed media including Justice League and Ghost in the Shell!

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Thomas and Chuck take a trip back in time on the radio dial.

Let us know your favorite tracks over on

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