Brain Invaders

The boys hit the road in search of trash and treasure!  They even mic up before heading inside some dark dank dungeons.

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The invaders kick it on a Friday night.

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We now return you to your regular invading.

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The invaders start to get some ideas...

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Thomas and Executive Producer Mike Hanks play video blackjack at the South Point casino and give a rundown of their time in Las Vegas!

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The Jersey Studios Studio is open for business!  We welcome back a full table!

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The boys are at it again and they are hitting the road tearing into other people's garbage!

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Thomas has an unproductive day but musters the strength to tell Chuck all about Ice Road Truckers and today's youth.  Chuck and his producer rouse Thomas with the upcoming Garage Sales!

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This weeks invasion includes movie piracy, Laser Disc rentals, and VHS rental memories!

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This week our heroes discuss Dead PCs, Thomas' Nintendo Switch problems, and a new villain in the Brain Invaders rogues gallery. 

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What do Cosplay, Crossovers, Dallas, Walking Dead, Back to the Future and LaserDiscs all have in common!?  They are all present on this weeks edition of BRAIN INVADERS! 

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Thomas and Chuck break down their game collections.

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Invading with a couple special guests, Thomas and Chuck's old age is reaffirmed, and some general nonsense is discussed.

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The gang rants about LAN parties, Nic Cage, and the new Are You Afraid of the Dark.

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Once again the invaders are joined by their favorite Executive Producer!  The crew finally gets to talk about the Mandolorian!

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Invading once again with special guest Executive Producer Mike Hanks! 

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