Brain Invaders

This week Chuck reveals his new Arcade console and convinces Thomas to open his wallet.

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Vincent cuts Thomas deep with his 2020 meme knowledge, Thomas tries to recover with some latest Laser Disc purchases and then surprises Chuck with his deep analysis on Lost Boys!

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This week is packed with 80s and 90s flicks, laser disc purchases, and the Halloween Movie wrap-up!

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This week Thomas tells the story where a damsel in distress gets "saved" by a white knight.  Or so they thought.

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This week we level out and discuss Arcade 1Up sales and strategies, video game modding, and our lists of HALLOWEEN MOVIES!

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The one where the boys go to South Fork Ranch and review season one of Dallas!

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The one where Thomas forgot to do his homework and instead the boys ramble and giggle!  

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This week our heros delve into their thoughts on Bill and Ted as well as several other topics of great interest.

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The one where the Brain Invaders reach out and touch someone...with a phone.

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This week we are chock full of nerdom!  We've got Scooby Doo comics, arcade assembly, and Pokemon ROM hacks!

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The invaders dig into some new studio plans, Thundercats Reboots, game streaming, and Canadian Melodramas.

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Another remarkable remote pod with Chuck and Thomas!

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Invading your brain LIVE!  Picking apart Thomas' payphone setup, past-Chuck's gameroom, and a new game "WOULD YOU RATHER?"

Check out the complete livestream and stick around for the second half for TRAILER PARK over at

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This week the invaders get real with over populated streaming media game, how great Pluto is, the world of VR, and some movie streaming plans!

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Invading in the late evening!

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The invaders do so from home once again.

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The invaders bring a special guest into the conversation and share memories of the summertime events that are likely to be cancelled in 2020.

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The invaders are still invading!  Talking about gaming, arcade cabinets, bingeing, pandemics, and all the misc you can handle!

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In this week's double-wide episode, Chuck and Thomas head out on a little thrift adventure and run into an old rival.

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This week it is all about documentaries, movies, and Thomas' harrowing adventure in the Austin flea market scene!

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The one where the boys discuss future plans and room party madness!

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This week we do some serious invading!  Movies, TV, Convergence, all the good stuff and of course we are joined by our good friend Executive Producer MIKE HANKS!

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Thomas and Chuck are on the road again!  This week's mobile episode takes our heroes out to Micro Center and a few other locations!

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The invaders are back with fresh faces and fresh ideas.  They are joined by none other than the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER!

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