Brain Invaders

The one where the boys are back in town and this time they're bringing in two guests.

What is all this hype about World of Warcraft?  The bunker is entering the world of Azeroth to get to the bottom of this.  Join our party on our quest into the dungeon, past the minotaur, through the maze of death, to the top of the tower!


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The one where your friends continue walking towards the forbidden forest, and discuss everyones favorite pasttime.  Television.


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The one where your friendly neighborhood podcasters continue their dance in the podcast arena.  Today we discuss toys!  Toy buying, toy collecting, toy nostalgia, and general toy buffoonery!


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The one where our heros continue into the white light.  Discussing the Starwars Prequels and personal experiences with the phantom menace, and what that oom with the rotating red laser walls was really for.


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The one where our heros join forces with their first guest ever to tame the minotaur and discuss video games.


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The one where our two heros continue their journey into the unknown.  Discussing Big Hero Six and Batman!  Follow us at,, and

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001 - Be Gentle

The one where two intrepid souls embark on the journey of a lifetime, talking about Corey Feldman and Tusk!  Follow us at

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